We are launching the first social network with an exponential business model.


fun and rewards for everybody.

  • Integrated social network with several other networks
  • Social Marketplace with payment system and prepaid cards.
  • Three user spheres, free, premium and VIP.
  • Interface for developers with open API to launch your own App in Crodity and profit from this.
  • Affiliate system where everyone wins, users, influencers, celebrities and entrepreneurs.

The social network...

Tha Social commerce first APP...

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Let´s start it!, We are offering VIP accounts for influencers, celebrities and entrepreneurs for a limited time, take advantage.


The vision...

We understand that a union of social networks as a communication channel associated with an interconnected affiliation model, helps our clients conquer the objective, either communication or distribution.

We have the support of influencers and celebrities to promote the global project. Technology is our biggest alidae together with the development community, the collaborative economy closes the Crodity concept cycle that was born as a Web and App system more than for the future it thinks to have hardware and an operational system based on Android.

The Team.



  • Borja Zaldívar CEO
  • Pedro Bial Social Network Embassator
  • Fabiana Nascimento CTO

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